Meet Toby


Bonjour! Toby is one of the most food driven pups you’ll ever meet. Toby likes to express his love for grub in two ways.  In the mornings, he will refuse to go potty until he has been fed (even if it takes him an hour to devour his frozen meat-stuffed hoof). This normally results in him bolting to the balcony like a maniac as soon as he licks clean the last morsel of his breakfast. For dinner, Toby likes to practice his happy dance by jumping vertically in the air in excitement (we call it the hot potato).  After a few vertical jumps for joy, he’s worked up an appetite and normally inhales his food in 2 gulps.  We think he can take on Takeru Kobayashi in any competitive eating competition. When he’s not indulging on his raw diet, Toby can be found spotting his mom at the gym or modeling his very fashion forward closet. And while the modeling industry typically prefers the skinnier types that don’t smile, Toby is known for his neck rolls and ridiculously good looking yet goofy grin.   Instagram @bonjour_toby